Basic Troubleshooting Before Basement Remodel – Find Out How Simple Remodeling Ideas

Before performing some basement remodel, there are some belongings you must do first to form sure you do not experience any future problems together with your newly finished basement. Things like moisture and leakage can subject your finished basement to wreck, which will even be harder to repair.

Moisture is the commonest basement problem. Moisture can get in your basement from external sources or can develop from the within by the resident’s activities. The bottom surrounding your foundations can have large quantities of moisture from surface water that’s leaking inside via a hole or crack. During the hotter days, moist air from the surface can get within the house and eventually end in condensation on the cold basement floors or walls.

What you ought to do to stop leakage is to caulk up or fill within the cracks and holes on your walls and/or flooring before basement remodel. To stay your basement dry and cozy all year round, you ought to then incorporate proper heating, air-con, and ventilation. Confirm downspouts, eavestroughs, and. grading lead surface water faraway from your home’s foundations. Also, confirm the window wells drain freely.

Prior to basement remodel, consider fixing or replacing a leaky roof and installing drainage below window wells. Incorporate a concrete floor over a sealed polyethylene moisture barrier also as a fringe system. Without a floor drain, any water that happens to be inside can’t escape. During this case, install working sump pumps. Once you troubleshoot the common basement problems, you’ll advance to redecorating your basement.

8 Essentials of Full-fledged Basement Remodel Projects

Basements provide an additional space that owners can use for different purposes. With proper design and remodeling ideas, basements can function as an extra storage area, enhance the functionality of the house, and make it more liveable. It can even become an entertainment spot of the house, which will be a great gathering place for all family members. However, a basement remodel can only enhance the lives of owners and bring more convenience if it is done correctly. Excellent remodeling projects do not just happen. Remodeling requires an extensive focus on current conditions and detailed plannings. Therefore, this guide provides eight essentials every basement remodeler should integrate. These elements are the basics of plans, which means owners can add additional factors to utilize the space better.


The height of a space considerably affects its usability. Hence, in the basement remodel, it is essential to keep this factor in mind. If the basement has enough height, which should be around 7 feet, it can be an excellent space for living. It also would not cause any problems for tall people either because there’s enough space. Usually, the height of a basement is a common problem in old houses because, at their times of building, people did not think that owners would utilize basements as a living space.

During the remodel projects, it is better not to use design styles that will shorten the height. However, if the ceiling is closer, contractors can utilize special lightning effects and bright colors in the design to make the ceiling seem high. It is also possible to extend the height physically, but it is not advisable because it involves complex projects and huge remodel costs.


basement remodel

Moisture is one of the biggest challenges of basement remodel. Some basements are incredibly damp, which can stop the remodeling process. If contractors and owners do not pay attention to moisture levels, it will create more significant problems later, and all investments will be a waste. Usually, this problem happens because the foundation of the house is not strong. In this way, the moisture can move through walls and floors.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make damp basements dry. If the problem is small, dehumidifier, fixing leaks, or utilizing a ventilation system can help. Additionally, people can use water-resistant paints, and seal the cracks with caulking. Another solution can be elevating the floor. However, in this case, people should again consider the height of the room, as elevation will shorten the height. The proper solution depends on the current conditions of the house. Therefore, it is better to consult with a pro home remodeling contractor to get ideal results.


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