Tips for Naming Your Startup

You took the time to write down a business plan for your startup. After long and grueling months of conducting marketing research , arising with prototypes, and analyzing your competition, you’re finally able to turn this plan into a profitable business.

You even came up with an idea to boost the funds to urge your company off the bottom .

But before you’ll proceed any longer , you would like to call your startup company.

You may have had a thought or two. But how does one know if that name will work?

Naming your startup could seem minor, but it’s actually one among the foremost important and undervalued aspects of your business. This name are going to be attached to your brand image for years to return . you would like to urge it right from the start .

Otherwise, you’ll face some challenges if you are trying to vary your name down the road. That’s a headache you won’t want to affect .

With this in mind, I wanted to point out you ways you’ll simplify this process. These are the highest 16 tips to stay in mind when you’re naming your startup.

Use this guide as a reference before you finalize your name. While these are obviously longer than names like Apple or Nike, they still fall within the lower end of the spectrum, as you’ll see from the graph.

Your business shouldn’t sound sort of a sentence. Sure, in some instances, two words could be appropriate. I’m talking about names like Waffle House or maybe Quick Sprout. Ha! But both of those names are still short and rattle down the tongue.

Most importantly, keeping your name short will make it easier for consumers to recollect it, which can assist you tremendously together with your marketing campaigns.

The cute tech names you have chosen for your company should do more than just be catchy. You have to remember that the tech company names you are considering will have to carry the essence of the brand you are building. The name should be able to express your core beliefs as a business. A potential client must be able to see your company name and already get a sense of what you offer.

Take, for example,, a car sales website from Azerbaijan, which rose to fame very early due to its simplistic and easy to remember name. Many other websites tried to get a piece of the cake by similarly naming their websites, but they were a bit too late. The developers of went on to create similar websites that sell various items. They created websites with names like, which translates to “” and, which also translates to These website names have grown in popularity and have created cult followings of their own. Almost everyone in Azerbaijan at least knows the name of and has an idea of what they represent and offer.

Finding creative names for a tech company like the ones mentioned above, can help you secure a prosperous and rapid climb in the tech industry. Having the right perception, will result in the wanted brand identity in the industry.

So then, finding tech company names for your new tech business should not be too much of a struggle. The critical thing to remember is that tech company names are more than just what you call your company. It should be a name that should spark recognition regardless of the industry. Once you settle on a name for your tech company, changing it down the line can prove to be more harmful than you expect. Finding a unique name will certainly not be a walk in the park, but it will be an experience that will carry the company legacy!

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