What Are The Types Of Public Relations?

Public relations isn’t a one-size-fits-all market — there are several sorts of agencies that cater to varied companies, industries, and even offer different levels of private attention.

Boutique- Boutique PR agencies have smaller, more intimate teams handling more work — very similar to a startup. Although some boutique firms don’t always have the vast resources that big agencies have, they often offer more personal attention.

Big- an enormous PR firm is strictly what you think that it might be — an outsized , global company with far-reaching contacts and large tools to assist clients. Big companies typically see great results with big PR companies, but smaller businesses often fare better with smaller agencies thanks to smaller budgets and therefore the need for more personalization.
Specialized- These agencies are dedicated to either a selected industry, like beauty or sports, or a specific aspect of PR, like media relations, crisis management, or social media.
Traditional- Traditional PR typically refers to a general specialise in media contacts in newspaper, TV and radio. The agencies often specialise in securing placements on these platforms and infrequently offer additional digital services.

However, brands can expect to pay around $100-$175 per person per hour for North American PR agencies, and $35-$75 per person per hour for PR companies in International locations like Eastern Europe.

One of the foremost important tasks an excellent PR agency can complete is securing media placements and digital partnerships. Therefore, if they don’t have a comprehensive network, they likely won’t be worth your while.

You can determine the sort of reach a PR company has by both doing research and asking direct questions.

If your business needs a PR makeover, this may sound easier said than done. The process requires a meticulous strategy and captivating content which are subtle and precisely timed. Hence, you will need a plethora of experts, including storytellers, designers, content creators, media specialists, etc. Hiring all of them looks intimidating, but fortunately, you have Gygzy to help you. We build a platform to give users a chance to share their previous experience with PR company. In the list below, you can find the comments to Top PR Firms from all around the world. Finding the agency that is highly experienced in subtler art and marketing is easier with our list. The underlying motive is that reviews belong to real users. If believing third-party claims is hard, you can undoubtedly rely on the feedback of users. Choose the best PR agency from the list below and ensure an enhanced brand image.

We have finally reached the main point of our discussion. I know you may have some number in your mind regarding the cost of hiring a PR company. But I believe you will struggle to believe the reality when you see it.

In general, prices differ. There are PR companies that specialize in serving specifically small businesses. Obviously, even top PR firms in this category will charge you less. On the other hand, there are companies that target only big fishes, such as Adidas, Disney, etc. Certainly, you cannot expect them to charge a few thousand dollars. And when we talk about the upper limit, it is even beyond the sky. You may not believe it, but large enterprises spend millions of USD to their PR firms.

Speaking of prices, I should also say that most of the top PR firms will ask for a retainer fee of between $2,000-$20,000 per month. The factors that impact the price can be the size of that agency, the services they offer, etc. bear in mind that they will charge this retainer amount even if they are not doing anything.

You are already aware of the significant benefits of public relations for your business. But to get the most of those benefits, you should follow the above instructions on how to choose one of the top PR firms for your business. Keep in mind that collaborating with a top PR company will free you from the common mistakes that happen in PR, too. You can get familiar with the top PR firms on Gygzy by filtering the location, price, and other components. If you liked the article, do not forget to share it with your surroundings so that they also benefit from it. You can also check out our page for more informative materials.


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